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Here, you may select between in person or online module courses.  Bundling 2 In Person courses together will offer you a discount that is automatically applied to your cart.

(example: Purchasing Level I Botox Course + Level I Filler Course in same transaction = $500 in savings)

Our Courses

We provide a couple different ways for you to learn!  Join us in Dallas for in-person training or learn at your own pace, on your own schedule by selecting one of our online courses!

Botox Procedure

Botox Courses

A comprehensive training program in which you will learn the scientific basics of using neurotoxins as well as any side effects or adverse reactions.  Offering both didactic and hands-on training, you will build a solid base for outstanding injection techniques for exquisite facial rejuvenation.

Woman Having Lip Botox

Dermal Filler Courses

This course will take you through a journey of astonishing combination of beauty and science.  You will be able to assess the needs of your patients to achieve beautiful and satisfying results by using different types of fillers and applying the most up to date techniques in facial aesthetics.

Online Course

Online Courses


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